Nettezza Urbana (Ita/2013/10’)

Executive Producer, Project Manager

“Nettezza urbana” (a common italian expression for “urban sanitation”) is a documentary short film mostly realized during the workshop “Industrial Documentary” held in Padova in March 2013.

The film tells a sort of “typical day” of workers involved in waste management in the city of Padua.

Ispired to the tradition of industrial documentary, the storytelling is done only by images and sounds, putting togheter multiple activities daily committed by city waste management personnel, such as the complex waste management in the old town market, the waste transport and storage, the means of transport maintenance, the functioning of the waste incineration plant of Padua.

Production: Ente di Bacino Padova 2, A.p.s. Nova Skola, A.p.s. Nuvole In Viaggio
With the support of: Assessorato alla Cultura – Comune di Padova, AceGas Aps – Hera Group
Executive producer/general coordinator: Luca Ferretti
Direction Supervisor: Andrea Foschi
Director assistant: Fulvia Orifici
Direction/shooting/sound: Gabriele Borghi, Lorenzo Bellone, Luisa Marina Conti, Francesco Durante Viola, Roberto Gorreri, Alan Lucchino, Ilaria Marchini, Francesco Munaro, Sergio Rossi, Renzo Sanavia, Francesco Telandro, Riccardo Vaccaro
Editing: Tommaso Orbi
Color Correction: Sebastiano Greco
Project managers: Luca Ferretti, Andrea Foschi

Industrial Documentary workshop

Filming photographic porfolio


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